Agata Dharma

Vice President

Agata Dharma is a traveller who believes the journey is as important as the destination. Success and Failure are virtual destinations. Even though she identifies herself as an Indo-Australian, she has also lived in Indonesia, America, Canada and the UK and is passionate about traveling the world throughout her life.

She’s got a big appetite for learning, having gained a Computer Science degree, International Business and Commerce degree, Prince2 and CIMA; and the journey is not going to stop there. Additionally, she was very fortunate to work internationally and was exposed to the diverse culture and corporate behaviour.

She has always been a champion of local and small businesses; she loves seeing the growth and celebrates success stories of everyone around her. Currently Agata is the Business Advisory Manager for Business Station, the Head of Australian Small Business Advisory Services for WA, QLD and NT jurisdiction, Commonwealth initiatives to highly subsidise small business owners in accessing digital solutions advisory services.

Next to her passion for traveling, she is very active in community engagement, a big sporty girl (play and spectate), loves anything live performance and cinematic experience, however most of all, her biggest passion is FOOD. She is always happy to discuss, to explore and to share culinary experience to like-minded individuals.

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