Alex Yap

Alexander Yap

Director of Innovation and Industry Relations

In 1996, Alex moved from Indonesia to Australia to complete his high school studies. His father was a successful luxury home builder in Indonesia, and Alex grew up with a keen desire to follow in his footsteps.

To fulfil this ambition, he earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree majoring in Civil and Construction at Curtin University. Alex then went on to work for a well-known multinational construction group as a site supervisor for BGC Construction. Seven years working as a site supervisor working on a wide range of construction including hospitals, apartments, retirement villages and luxury homes gave him invaluable hands on experience.

He then moved on to work for a small building company as a contract manager. It was here that Alex further expand his knowledge of the building industry and honed in the skills and intricacies of scheduling, estimating, and tendering and contract management. During this period of work, Alex also acquired his builder’s license.

At this point, Alex knew he had the qualifications and depth of experience to venture out on his own – his first solo development was a renovation project. After the successful completion of the renovation, Alex began working on multi-unit developments. His work steadily evolved into founding JAV Developments after he completed his first custom home, valued at approximately seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Things have grown quite a bit for Alex since completing his first solo renovation. Today, he is the Managing Director of an award-winning building company and thanks to his leadership, hard work and expertise, JAV Developments has become an industry leader in luxury custom homes.

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