Leo Hartana

Executive Treasurer

When it comes to his life philosophy, he holds the belief that an individual’s learning never really ends. Whether you are pressing your dreams in the academic arena or putting your skills to use in the professional world, there are novel concepts all around us ripe for the plucking.

While he completed a degree in Manufacturing Management from the New South Wales University several decades ago, he finds himself truly fascinated with the ever-changing world of contemporary finance.

Leo Hartana, is a grateful husband and proud father of two amazing daughters. He is a Treasurer at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce in Western Australia.

Since the beginning of his education, he has held a special interest in the financial and stock market industry. He put his passion to practice and spent over 20 rewarding years working in the Indonesian Stock Exchange for which he acquired an Investment Manager Representative license.

He subsequently moved to Perth, Australia in early 2019. Here, he is involved in running a local company. As a managing director at Industria Holdings Pty Ltd., he oversees a majority of the business operations and finances.

Regardless, his passion for the industry persists just the same and he enjoys meeting and networking with Individuals with similar interests and associated backgrounds. He learns new things from new people every day to keep his own knowledge and skills up to date.

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