Lina Warganda Young

Director of Public and Government Relations

Lina Warganda was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. She loves the ocean and in her leisure time, enjoys visiting remote diving and surfing locations throughout Indonesia.

She is a co-owner of an eco-tourism resort in the Mentawai Islands which attracts adventurous like-minded ocean lovers from across the globe.

Lina Warganda also owns and operates two small retail businesses in Australia. One has a shopfront in Perth – Western Australia, whilst the other is online based in the USA.

Prior to having her own businesses, Lina managed Government and External Relations for several international companies operating in the resource sector of Indonesia. Lina’s core strengths include networking and relationship building. As such, she has worked very closely at senior levels of both public and private sectors.

With more than 20 years working in a multinational environment mostly in the oil and gas industry, Lina has refined her core skills including managing stakeholders, corporate and social responsibility programs for international companies, sales – marketing and public speaking.

Her successful track record includes managing the corporate social responsibility programs in 5 challenging regencies of West Papua and Papua Province – Indonesia.

Lina holds Marketing Management, and Secretarial academy. Lina really believes in the magic of thinking big, and a positive mindset. For her, working is supposed to be fun and professional.

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