Rae Prameswari

Rae Prameswari

Director of Communication, Training, Female and Diversity Leadership and Empowerment

Rae is a leader, change maker, and experienced educator whose expertise is building both a strong and effective team, as well as building the capacity of people she is working with. Known for her ability to lead initiatives, achieve buy in, and sustain lasting improvements, Rae holds several portfolios with demonstrated success pertaining to Curriculum and Assessment, High Quality Teaching, Culture Building and Co-Designing, Community Engagement, Cross Sector Collaboration, and Staff Development. A senior leader and administrator at Department of Education Western Australia, Rae is currently the Head of Learning Area of Humanities at Morley Senior High School.

With a passion for growth and empowerment, Rae consistently seeks opportunities to build capacity and promote the interests of women and people from diverse backgrounds. In her role in ICCWA as the Director of Communication, Training, Women and Diversity Leadership and Empowerment, she envisions a community whereby ICCWA facilitates the development and upward trajectory of women and diverse leaders, advocating change for the benefit of the community it serves and represents. Rae believes in leadership being a lifelong learning journey, thus, in many leadership capacities she is entrusted with, she inspires her staff to identify their own pathways of growth and model the culture of continuous improvement by seeking the learning opportunities to allow for growth to take place. She works tirelessly to expand her staff learning zone with the purpose to build more leaders and change-makers. The maxim she subscribes to when it comes to leadership is to ‘stay teachable’.

A consensus molder, a champion for ‘quiet voices’ and ‘the thinkers’, Rae has an extraordinary ability to inquire, facilitate, and moderate discussions, she facilitated discussions at high level, making sure the voices in the community are listened to, as well as securing funding and commitment from government departments to her worthy causes. These causes include addressing youth homelessness via her work with Morley Leos and Mission Australia, supporting victims of domestic violence, partnering with Orana House, advocating for the marginalised through her involvement with Divine You, and levelling the playing field by creating opportunities for people from disadvantaged background, in her previous and current role, working with schools with mid to low ICSEA (Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage), and students presenting with trauma.

An independent mother of two, Rae takes pleasure in trying different restaurants with her children as well as frequenting Uber Eats orders. To her children dismay, however, she always orders the same things at different eateries. Her go-to excuse is ‘to prevent decision fatigue’, when the primary driver behind this approach is that ‘she loves consistency’. Rae strives to appreciate the simple things in life with her loved ones. She believes wholeheartedly that to enjoy ‘quality life’ is to realise that ‘the best things in life, are, in fact, free.’

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