Ryo Pakila

Ryo Pakila

Director of Partnerships and Logistics

Ryo Pakila is an entrepreneur, musician and co-founder of Prosperum Digital, a strategic marketing and business consulting firm that helps businesses achieve success through marketing innovative products and perfecting the branding of talented individuals. From his early experiences starting a business at the age of six, selling cakes, to his more recent work developing strategies for business expansion and scaling, he has learned that each business has its own unique characteristics and deserves to be represented in a way that reflects its distinctiveness.

With a specialty in strategic marketing, he has a proven track record of building client acquisition systems that generate over millions in sales across various industries including service-based businesses, properties, builders, engineering and construction, health, e-commerce, and tourism. He believes that innovative products, talented individuals combined with a proven marketing blueprint are crucial for the success of a business.

In addition to his work with Prosperum Digital, Ryo is an active member of the community. He has participated in the ASEAN Business Alliance, where he helped promote trade and investment between Australia and ASEAN countries. Ryo was also a committee member of the Australia Laos Business Advisory, where he provided advice and guidance to businesses looking to expand their operations in Laos.

Ryo’s portfolio at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce WA showcases his role as the Director for Marketing and Partnership. In this position, he is entrusted with providing strategic direction, guidance, and leadership to the marketing department. Ryo’s expertise and experience in marketing enable him to develop and implement effective marketing strategies that promote ICCWA’s mission. Additionally, his responsibilities extend to overseeing strategic partnerships between ICCWA and other organisations, forging collaborative alliances that foster growth and mutual success.

Ryo’s involvement with ICCWA is driven by a strong vision to strengthen the Indonesian economy and inspire the next generation of Indonesians through education and entrepreneurship. His passion for empowering businesses and fostering economic growth is evident in his strategic approach to marketing and partnership development. His commitment to education and entrepreneurship reflects his belief in the transformative power of knowledge and innovation in driving economic prosperity.

When he is not working on crafting marketing campaigns for clients, Mr. Pakila can be found practicing his three-point shot on the basketball court and playing music at his local church on Sundays.

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